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Greenfield Independence Day BBQ Punch Receipt

So, for those who liked it, those who missed it, and those who want make sure they never make it by accident, here is the "receipt" for the punch I created for the barbecue:

Poets' Seat Punch

2x 64oz. bottle of Apple Juice (unfiltered) or 1 gal. Sweet Cider
1x 750ml bottle of Bourbon Whiskey or 24oz. (3 cups) of White Grape Juice
2x 1 liter bottle of Seltzer (unflavored Soda Water)
2x Red Grapefruit
2x Lemon
3x Lime
2x Orange
10x Clove (whole)
2x Nutmeg (cracked into chunks)
1/2 cup honey (optional, use none or less if desired.)


Zest one of each fruit. Retain fruit for juice. Steep zest and spices in whiskey overnight. If using white grape juice instead of whiskey, be more careful about adding honey and use half of white grape juice (1 1/2 cups) instead of half of whiskey when called for. Filter zest and spices from whiskey and place spice mixture in a large saucepan (3qt. or larger) or small stockpot. Return whiskey to bottle and refrigerate. Refrigerate seltzer.

To spice mixture in pan, add one bottle of apple juice or half gallon of cider. Heat to a simmer and simmer for 1/2 hour. If adding honey, add to juice while simmering and stir to dissolve. Meanwhile, if using two bottles of apple juice, use a funnel to divide cold apple juice in half between the two bottles and return to refrigerator.

Allow mulled apple juice cool until safe to handle. Place a funnel in the mouth of half-full juice bottle and place a strainer in the funnel to catch spices. Use a ladle to transfer mulled cider back into bottles, splitting the liquid evenly between the two bottles. Discard spice and zest mixture. Chill juice.

To serve:

Chill punch bowl in freezer. Prepare ice, either by freezing 1 pint of water in the bottom of the bowl, adding an ice round, or using cubes if necessary. Juice all but one of each fruit, starting with the zested fruit. You want the best-looking of each fruit for slicing. Slice half of each reserved fruit into rounds to garnish.

Pour half the bottle (325ml) of whiskey into bowl along with 1/2 gallon of mulled apple cider (one one bottle of juice). Add half of the fruit juice. Filter the rest of the juice and add it to the whiskey bottle. Place whiskey back into refrigerator along with remaining apple juice. Wrap unsliced portion of fruit to prevent drying. Stir punch. Add 1 bottle of seltzer and sliced fruit garnish. Serve with ladle into cups.

When the first batch starts getting low, prepare the remaining punch the same way, using the remaining spiced bourbon, juice, seltzer, and garnish fruit.
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