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Microsoft Bing Jumping the Shark

For those of you who don't know, bing.com is an arm of Microsoft. Yes, the people who brought you those stupid Windows Mojave commercials are bringing you those stupid Bing commercials...

I think they need to realize that Microsoft jumped the shark years ago and that unless they start playing ball with the 21st Century by not being jerks anymore and actually building good products, they will soon be as relevant as Happy Days.


I'd like everyone to visit both Google and Bing and search for:

Microsoft Bing Jumping the Shark

Then, if in the pages of results you see this blog post, click on it and only it.

Yes, we're Googlebombing Bing to send a message to Billy and Stevie.
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Neither Google nor Bing index journal entries, just the rest of the site.
My biggest issue w/ Bing is that business results are pulled directly from Yelp and CitySearch, making it less of an internet search engine and more of a race to see who can post on Yelp first.

[God forbid I should be the one saying something in Microsoft's favor]

Gates was/is accurate in at least his central search thesis statement -- namely, that some sort of contextually-sensitive realtime results (suggest info-sources while you're doing something, perhaps even sources that are temporally-appropriate to the time/place at which you're doing that something) will be needed in future applications, that this era of "let me randomly stab out with keywords and filter through the hundreds of thousands of random results" fumbling would become not only passe, but actual food for mockery.

The Bing commercials hint at this transition (and are humorous in so doing), though Bing itself does not do much toward delivering on its promise. MS Office is pioneering some sort of offer-content-as-you-type functionality; I don't expect this will be fully user-suitable for another generation or two, but it is an interesting first step.

-- Sven
I think the more unfocused and confused about their core business they become, the better for the rest of the players out there. Have you picked up a windows mobile phone lately? Looks and feels like it's from last decade. The computer paradigm is shifting. The way people use iphones has changed computer forever. When we sell of the TV spectrum, if some of it gets into non traditional telecom hands, things will start moving fast.